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The North Myrtle Beach Bowling Center was recently sold to Michael Siniscalchi and Charlotte Hughes and it is currently closed for renovations.  The plans are for it to be reopened in April under the new name 710 Myrtle Beach.

The new name refers to a familiar term to all bowlers, the 7-10 split.  The 710 will offer upscale comfort food, burgers, Bocce, beer, and of course bowling.  Siniscalchi stated that it will be a fun, social atmosphere and that food and alcohol will be allowed at lane seating.

The 710 will have a full-service bar with 12 to 16 taps that will feature domestic and craft beers.  “In a world where e-commerce, social media and instant gratification dominate our daily lives, we’re excited to create a social environment where locals and visitors alike can unplug and enjoy great beer, original food and friendly competition year round,” said Sininscalchi and Hughes.

“The first 14 lanes are staying,” he said.  “The next twelve will be replaced by a game area and pool tables and the six remaining will be sectioned off for parties and private use.”  The coin operated machines will be replaced with higher quality ones and patrons will visit an area in the front by a hostess to pick up balls, shoes and accessories.

Included in the renovations will be new ceilings, flooring and seating.  Table service will be available in the setee area – the spots where bowlers sit to keep score and wait their turn.

The North Myrtle Beach Bowling Center has been owned by attorney John Clarke’s family from 1986 until 2014.  Clarke’s daughter Marion Clarke has managed the facility since 2008.