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With all the new technology, we figured that we need to explore some of the great apps for golfers for y’all. Whether you are using a tablet or your smart phone – we’ve found a couple great golf apps. One of our favorites is not one that you use on the golf course or to better your game, but rather to watch the pro’s and our favorite of all the majors: The Augusta National Masters app. The Masters app is one of the best in any category, with live simulcast coverage, real-time stats and shot-by-shot tracking of the entire golfing field.

The app is under the firm control of the folks at Augusta National, which is an excellent idea. The entire experience is elegant and viewer-centered from beginning to end. You get the feeling that they know you will only be able to ever see this from home, not in person. You can follow the live feeds from both CBS and ESPN or go to any of the six video channels dedicated to, among other things, marquee groups, the practice area and even the interview room, if that’s your thing. (It’s OK to have it running on Thursday and Friday while you're at work—we won't tell the boss.) Available for free for IPhone and Droid.

For those looking for more “on the course” or shot helping apps, Golfshot Plus turns the GPS in your smartphone into a super-smart golf course guide.

For when you are on the course instead of home wishing you were on the course you are watching on TV, the Golfshot app is an exceptionally useful tool. Using your phone's GPS and a catalog of more than 40,000 course maps, Golfshot provides shot distances, hazard locations and even an enhanced scorecard experience that tracks your game. It's great for those who don't want to buy another device since it works right on your phone. It’s available for both IPhone and Droid and is only $29.99.

For those just looking for anything golf and fun, Golf Clash defines a mindlessly fun first-person shooter. With the Golf Clash app you are in the driver's seat, literally, playing head-to-head against online players around the world. The app will remind those of you who have played Angry Birds of that app – simply pull the club back like a slingshot and let it go with precise timing to make the ball go straight and far. Available for IPhone and Droid – for free!