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We get it, trying to find the best golf gift idea for the golfer in your life can be really difficult. There are thousands of different golf products out there, and if you listen to the marketing, they’re all touting themselves as the “latest and greatest”. But most of them? Aren’t very good.

Luckily the folks here at Myrtle Beach Golf Authority are golfers too and we have used dozens of the best golf products on the market. So, whether you’re looking for a gift for Christmas, Father’s Day or a birthday, here are some great golf gifts for the golfer in your life – regardless of budget. We will offer up a few suggestions over the next week or so, leading up to Christmas.


We get asked a lot what our absolute favorite product is. Well of all the tech items available, the one that sticks out is Arccos Golf. Arccos pairs an app with 14 sensors that attach to each club. It tracks every shot you hit, and then give you tour level stats about your round. How many fairways did you hit? What was your average distance to the pin on approach shots? Exactly how far did you hit your 7-iron? This gift can tell you all of that. In 2017 they updated the software to include Arccos Caddie. It gives you real time club suggestions based on current weather, and all of your stats that will help you make the most prudent decision off the tee. It’s cool stuff.

Who is it for? The person who plays at least once a week and love to geek out about stats and review every shot of every round they play.

Who is it not for? The device is super simple to use, but I wouldn’t recommend it for people who are totally tech-illiterate.

Solid Alternative? Their Arccos Driver product is a stripped-down version focusing just on your driver stats. (you can find it on Amazon for around $40 on.)



The guys at Holderness and Bourne know what golf is all about. Their products are the perfect blend of style and tradition, with modern flair. Yes, the clothing is great, but it’s the Duffel Bag that really stands out. They are made of Scottish wool, have an extremely high-quality zipper, and look like they costs about twice as much as they are. If the golfer in your life loves to take quick weekends away (perhaps to Myrtle Beach), then they will love this bag. The 2017 model is a ballistic navy color way that is on point, and they’ve even made the bag more versatile with a waterproof shoe compartment built in. The Marston by H&B ($155) is also a fantastic looking bag and even more affordable, but sells out quickly.

Who is it for? The person who frequently takes weekend trips, and wants something a little classier than your standard athletic duffel bag.

Who isn’t it for? The person who could care less about style and cares about affordability more than anything else.

Solid Alternative? Club Glove Burst Proof 2 ($250) - extremely durable from all the beatings we’ve seen this bag take.