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Every golfer likes the feeling of hitting a good drive.  It starts your day on the links in a positive manner that can transfer to the rest of your game.  As equipment keeps evolving, it is important to stay up with all of the new technology.  Most of the golf courses in Myrtle Beach require a good driving game and you can make the best of Myrtle Beach golf courses by hitting your tee shots both long and straight.

When you are visiting Myrtle Beach on your next Myrtle Beach golf package be sure to stop by one of the many Myrtle Beach golf stores and check out these new drivers that have just been released.

  • TITLEIST  915 D2   This new driver offers flexing channel on the sole that helps in two ways:  It provides more consistent ball speed across the face and helps shots launch with less spin.  Those are just the things you need for more distance.  The 16-way adjustable head also comes in a more compact D3 version.  PRICE $400
  • CALLAWAY  BIG BERTHA ALPHA 815   Callaway has redesigned the face of the 815 that saves four grams of weight.  That saved weight is then placed around the perimeter to lower the center of gravity and improve stability on mis-hits.  The center of gravity is also independently adjustable – vertically and horizontally.  PRICE $450
  • MIZUNO  JPZ-850   This drive offered by Mizuno offers the golfer to customize the driver themselves.  There are ten possible weight configurations for each of its eight loft settings, changing the center of gravity left to right and front to back.  PRICE $400
  • CLEVELAND  CG BLACK   If you have lost clubhead speed, an adjustable wrench may not be the answer you are looking for.  Cleveland thinks that you might need something lighter.  This nonadjustable model weighs 15 percent less than the driver in your bag.  That way your old swing might be able to find some new speed.  PRICE $350

Be sure to stop by any of the Myrtle Beach golf stores while visiting the Grand Strand on your next Myrtle Beach golf package.  If you need a map showing the golf courses in Myrtle Beach go to out golf course map.