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Crow Creek re-opens today after being closed for 4 months to reshape the green with a grass that most haven’t seen along the Myrtle Beach golf courses – V8 Creeping Bentgrass. In addition to the greens, they have lengthened the yardage for the back tee box and shortened the forward tee distance. There are also 11 new tee boxes along this Myrtle Beach golf course that is located up near the North & South Carolina border in Calabash, NC.

The owner of the Myrtle Beach golf course decided to do something different and not replace the bentgrass with an ultradwarf Bermuda grass like many of the courses have done over the past 10 -15 years. Since bent grass can weaken in the summer heat, this move has been made by most courses, leaving only about 10 Myrtle Beach golf courses with bentgrass. The new V8 creeping bentgrass is known to be more tolerant of heat and the shorter grass cutting than the older variety.

The head pro, Jimmy Biggs, believes that they can have longer playing seasons out of the new V8 bentgrass and be in terrific shape during the peak fall and spring golf seasons – perfect for Myrtle Beach golf packages. The reshaping of the greens will get the undulations closer to the original design, creating more defined tiers and plateaus of flatness.

The length of the course was altered to meet the desires of a lot of golfers that liked the course, but had a few suggestions. Many of the ladies had voiced their opinion that the length was too long, so they decided to do something about it – making the course play 4700 yards from the shortest tee boxes instead of 5060 yards. They also listened to the golfers wishes for the back tees to be a little longer and gave them some additional distance to perhaps hit “the big stick” more often.

In addition to the re-shaping of the greens and new tee boxes, several areas of the cart path needed repair so they took the opportunity to do that and have the carts detailed as well. You will also notice that the clubhouse has been painted inside and out and new carpet was installed in the restaurant area.

Crow Creek is ready for you to view the new changes – get out there and give it a go!