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As much as you love to play all the Myrtle Beach golf courses, wouldn’t a little drama to your round and the ability to cash in on thousands of dollars with a shot or too make you even more happy? Let’s face it, golf is great, but the game lacks in innovation at times. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as some of golf traditions are what make the game successful and attracts new people to this wonderful game in the first place. But, with that being said, new ideas and the technology that goes with those ideas are always welcome in the game of golf, especially for those looking to have fun on their vacation while playing a round at some of the Myrtle Beach golf courses. You can also make your Myrtle Beach golf package a little more fun and lucrative……..

Eagle Watch Golf is a new company that has figured out how to add a little more fun and competitiveness to the game with new golf technology - and even better yet, you can experience this yourself at one of 4 local Myrtle Beach golf courses that is offering this up to golfers! So, how does this whole thing work and why would I want to participate?

At many of the PGA tour stops and charity outings, there will tend to be a par 3 that is designated as a hole where a hole-in-one can win you a certain amount of money. You might remember that Jason Bohn once won a million dollars for his hole-in-one that he then used to start his PGA Tour career. Well, a company has figured out a way to offer this opportunity to every golfer that chooses to participate in this endeavor. Eagle Watch serves as a witness at normal, everyday golf courses by mounting a sophisticated, always-rolling video camera behind the green of the designated par 3. There are 4 local Myrtle Beach golf courses that are participating: Blackmoor Golf Club, Sandpiper Bay, Shaftesbury Glen and True Blue. You can play all of these courses by booking through Myrtle Beach Tee Times Now for discounted tee times or Myrtle Beach Golf Authority for Myrtle Beach golf packages.

If you want a chance to win the company’s ever-escalating jackpot, simply download their free app on your smart phone, and enter the contest, which costs either $5 or $10, depending on your level of participation. If you make that hole-in-one, the camera will capture and verify it, and you’ll win the jackpot. Want to pay for your next golf trip with just one swing? Make sure to add these Myrtle Beach golf courses to your next Myrtle Beach golf package and give it a try!