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Do you plan on visiting Murrells Inlet to walk the marsh walk and have dinner on the water? There are many quaint restaurants with great food and a great view. Within this view, is a place that locals love, called goat island. Yes, it's actually what the name suggests. There is a small island just off the marsh walk that is actually filled with goats! These cute animals are brought out every April to fill the island and contain its vegetation. 


If you're out there on a sunny afternoon you'll be sure to see these fuzzy creatures living their best lives. The island itself is said to have a rich history of pirates, where they would use the island to hide out. Along with the goats, you might also see a range of peacocks marching around the island. In the video below, you can see both of these animals living on the island, and one of the goats even hangs out up in a tree!






If you find yourself visiting this unique spot, be sure to take pictures and tag us in them! If you have any Feel Good Friday stories that you would like to see featured, submit them to Myrtle Beach Golf Authority or Elliot Beach Rentals on Facebook. Happy Friday everybody!