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Friends, family, or partner that loves golf AND made Santa's nice list? 


Everybody is always looking for ideas for gift giving every year for the holidays. Luckily, if you have a golfer to give gifts to, then your options are endless. In this article we're going to cover a list of the top gifts to give your golf-loving people. 


1) Golf Balls 

This is a no brainer. Golf balls are easily one of the best gifts to give a golfer. This is because they will always get used no matter what. Every golfer has gone to tee up one of their favorite golf balls just to immediately slice it into the woods, gone forever. The nice thing about golf balls is that they are fairly affordable and easy to acquire. There are levels of quality to golf balls, from recycled to Pro V1. If you want to get creative, you can also customize golf balls by getting names, quotes, pictures and more printed onto the golf balls to make the gift feel more personal. Golf balls are always a great gift to give!


2) Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are important because again, almost every golfer uses them. They are very affordable and important to every players' game. A golfer will usually get 8-10 rounds of golf out of each glove before they start to deteriorate or rip. You can find golf gloves at most sporting goods stores or online. You can personalize some, and others come with built in tee holders or ball markers. Golf gloves make for great Christmas stocking stuffers!


3) Club Covers

Club covers are always a fun gift to give because they can be personal to the player. A lot of golfers like to show their personality in their golf covers through favorite sports teams, mvoie characters, music artists or more. Club covers are important because they keep the most expensive clubs covered from wear and tear or weather. Online websites such as Etsy let you find customized club covers that any golfer will love. 


4) Golf Bags

Golf bags are one of the best golf gifts you could give. They are usually more expensive, but will definitely bring a huge smile to any golfers face. They too can be customized with favorite colors, logos or quotes. There are gol,f abgs that are meant for walkers, riders, or golfers that do both. All major golf companies make golf bags suitable for any age golfer and are easy to find in sporting good stores and online.

5) Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are at the top of the list of golf gifts to give. They are the most expensive, but also the most useful item in golf. There are a plethora of different golf clubs designed for each type of golf shot, so you can never have too many golf clubs. Before you buy clubs, you may want to check with the person to see what they have or dont have, and see which hand they use when swinging a golf club. You can get cheaper clubs for beginners, or expensive clubs custom to the avid golfer. If you really want to make a splash with your gift, golf clubs are the way to go. 


These are the top 5 golf gifts to give to any golfer. Honorable mentions include gift cards, tees, clothing, and more. Happy holidays from us here at Myrtle Beach Golf Authority, and we hope to see you soon!