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You have the day off and head to the golf course to enjoy the sunshine, a round with friends, some relaxation and this wonderful sport only to become irritated with little annoyances that you might encounter on the course.  Try not to “sweat the small stuff”.


  1. SLOW PLAY—This is probably every golfers number one pet peeve.  Everything that you enjoy about the sport can be ruined by slow play.  Players should not spend 10 minutes looking for a lost ball ( 5 minutes is the rule, and even that is too long).  This can back up the entire golf course.  You don’t want to take a penalty stroke but either wave those behind through,  or drop a ball and continue on.
  2. DIVOTS—Golf is a game of etiquette.  When you take a divot you should replace it.  Here on the Grand Strand most courses equip their golf carts with bottles filled with divot mix.  Doing this reduces the level of maintenance of the grounds crew, which ultimately keeps the cost of your golf at a reasonable rate.
  3. BALL MARKS ON THE GREEN—Please fix your ball marks on the green.  Everyone wants a smooth putting surface.  It is recommended that not only you repair your ball marks but one or two others if someone in front of you is not as considerate.
  4. DODGING GOLF BALLS FROM THE GROUP BEHIND YOU—Occasionally, someone in the group behind you might hit into you.  Usually their excuse is that they didn’t think that they could hit it that far.  This might be true, but it could be a hint that your group is playing exceptionally slow.
  5. BUNKERS THAT ARE NOT RAKED—If you are unfortunate enough to hit into a bunker you should always rake the sand after playing your shot.  It is also recommended that you smooth the sands surface if another golfer was not as considerate.  After raking you should leave the rake face down in the edge of the bunker for the following groups.
  6. BAD TEMPERED PLAYERS—It is no fun playing with someone who is throwing clubs and being ill tempered.  Usually the golfer that does this is trying to show the ones he is playing with that he is better than he is playing.  They don’t care!!  They have their own problems.  If you are not a pro, you are paying to play.  So relax and enjoy the day.
  7. CHEATERS—I believe that golf is a gentleman’s game.  Most people ruin the sport by attaching their score to their enjoyment of the game.  I find it strange when I hear people bragging about their score when it is clear that they have not played by the rules.  Enjoy the game for what it is and don’t get so wrapped up in your score that you feel that is necessary to cheat.  Be honest with your fellow competitors and yourself.
  8. GOLF COURSE MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT—Golf course superintendents have a very difficult job to do to ensure your course playing conditions.  There will be times that you will encounter mowers that will disturb you.  Try to ignore them.  Usually the equipment operator will be mowing the course starting from number 18 and finishing with number one.  This way you should only encounter that particular piece of equipment once during your round.
  9. COURSE MARSHALLS—Golf course marshals are necessary to ensure that the pace of play is moving smoothly.  If they seem to target your group, you are probably slowing the pace.  If this is the case, simply speed up.