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Owners of Heron Point Golf Club plan to close the club on December 14, 2014.  The club has been struggling to break even financially and was in bad need of some capital improvements.  Majority partner Roy Clyburn stated that he regrets it.  “It’s no fun to close something you hoped would be successful, but common financial sense tells us that’s the thing to do.”

The course had made some improvements but many more are needed.  Clyburn said “I don’t really think it would be profitable, not in this market.  Every course is struggling to some degree.”

Clyburn, who owns Condo-World Resort Properties, owns the 155-acre golf course property off S.C. 707.  He is unsure of its future use.  He has no immediate plans and thinks he will take his time to decide what to do.  He stated it could possibly be his farm or maybe a developer might approach him with plans.

The Willard Byrd designed course opened in 1988 and has been on the low end of Myrtle Beach area green fees.  East Coast Golf Management, which manages six other courses (including four along the Grand Strand) have been operating the course for the past three years.  “It’s the right business decision,” East Coast president Mike Buccerone said.