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Recently, I enjoyed an extended vacation to visit family in New England and the Northeast, attend a Big Ten football game and of course play some golf. Since I despise driving the travel choices came down to air or rail. After doing a little homework, train travel was the choice.

The nearest Amtrak Station to Myrtle Beach is in Florence, SC, just an hour drive from my house. The drive is easy, parking at the station is free, my clubs cost an extra $10 (that’s right just $10!) and I brought along a cooler with food and drink for what would be less than a 10.5-hour trip to Philadelphia.

With stops in Richmond, VA, Alexandria, VA, Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD and Wilmington, DE, it just seems to make sense this is the way to travel for golfers from those areas that are visiting Myrtle Beach. A Café Car is available. I upgraded to a Business Class and had WiFi all the way along with free sodas and water. All for a cost of only $250 round trip! Comfortable seating and being able to walk and stretch is one of the best parts of train travel.

All the major rent-a-car companies have locations in Florence and there are always cabs available at the train station. Checking in at the Philadelphia 30th Street Station for the return trip, the baggage clerk told me there are plenty of golfers visiting South Carolina via the train. With less stress than driving, or flying it’s easy to understand why.