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Tidewater Golf Club has their head of golf instructor back, after nearly a year away from his position, Hugh Royer III is back and returned with a re-dedication to both golf and life. He also had a new mission that he is working with Skin Cancer Foundation to promote: “Protect Your Skin If You Want To Win.”

So, let’s give everyone a little history and the story behind Hugh Royer III and why it's great to have him back and what he’s been through. Hugh has spent nearly a year overcoming basal cell carcinoma that was only 1 cm from his brain. This wasn't Royer's first experience with basal cell carcinoma. In 2012 he had basal cell carinoma removed from his nose and again in 2015 when it reoccurred. He noticed another bump on his nose in 2016 but was told by various doctors and nurses that it was not serious. After the bump continued to grow, he visited a local ENT doctor who then referred him to doctor at MUSC.

After 8-hours of neurosurgery, Royer began the process of reconstruction and treatment. Now, having much of his right cheek and nose rebuilt and 30 rounds of radiation, he feels like he’s ready to return to the job that he loves and has missed him over the last 10 months. He still takes daily medication to prevent sinus infections, but a day on the course is better than sitting around the house and watching TV. He’s committed to helping others thorough a skin cancer awareness and prevention campaign to hopefully avoid going through the hell that he’s been through the past year.

In addition to writing articles to bring awareness to the campaign, he can be found at several speaking engagements as well as working with many of the junior golf associations. Hugh believes that the message needs to reach everyone, whether young or old as skin cancer does not discriminate. His message includes the need for sunscreen and wearing UV-Protection clothing when enjoying a round of golf or just a day in the sun.

Hugh didn’t have health insurance during his ordeal and a GoFundMe page has been set up to help the Royer family. It’s great to see a golf ambassador back on his post at Tidewater Golf Club. If you get a chance, go by and see Hugh and offer up some encouragement. Better yet, if you want to play Tidewater, give us a call. Myrtle Beach golf is ready and waiting for you!