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Starting in 2017, golfers along the Grand Strand will be able to win perhaps thousands of dollars simply be making an ace on one of the Myrtle Beach golf courses that have partnered with EagleWatchGolf. Current Myrtle Beach golf courses that have signed up to participate are: Arcadian Shores Golf Club, Crow Creek Golf Club, Sandpiper Bay Golf and Country Club, Shaftesbury Glen Golf and Fish Club and True Blue Golf Club. By the time they have the Myrtle Beach launch on January 19th, they expect several more golf courses to be included along with those mentioned above. Their plan is to be up and running prior to the spring golf season.

So, how exactly does this work and how can you make money with in the area for your Myrtle Beach golf package? Currently, you purchase one shot on a specific hole – either $5 or $10 per shot. The payout then is according to how close the shot is to the hole. Example: for a $5 shot – if you land your shot on the green, you get $3. If you are within a flagstick to the hole, you get $35. Within 2 feet of the hole is $75 and a hole-in-one is $1,000. For a $10 shot, one the green is $6, within a flagstick is $140, and $250 for within 2 feet.

The hole in one for a $10 shot could potentially net you $5,000 but only if you are the only $10 ace for that week. If there are more than 1, the jackpot of $5,000 gets split between those players. If no one makes an ace in that week, the jackpot then increases for the following week.

Once there are 100 courses that participate, the jackpot will increase to $25,000 per week. 200 courses – the jackpot jumps to $50,000…….. you get the picture here.

So, how do you get started? You need to create an account with EagleWatch and put some money in it. They currently have 3 ways to go about this: Visit their website at www.eaglewatchgolf.com, use the Ipad that will be at each course, or download the app for your phone or tablet.

Worried about losing your amateur status when you win some money? Don’t! The USGA has a rule that allows players to accept hole-in-one prizes during your round with no penalty. Ask one of our golf specialists to book you on one of these participating courses for your next Myrtle Beach golf package and see if you can’t take home a little scratch with all your memories.