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Let’s continue on our list of some of the best Christmas gifts for that golfer in your life. Time is running out, so if you are still looking for ideas, you better get a move on!



We’ve mentioned a few other golf gadgets in our Christmas list, but this device is the most impressive in 2017. The Swing Caddie 2 is a personal launch monitor. If you have ever been to a club fitting where they hooked you up to a Trackman or similar device to track all of the facets of your golf swing, you were working on a $20K machine! The Swing Caddie 2 uses the same general technology (doppler radar), sits behind you on the range, and tells you exactly how far every shot is. It’s a fraction of the price, but still works surprisingly well. It even has built in training games to make your time on the range more enjoyable.

Who is it for? The person who wants to practice more, but gets too bored to make any progress.

Who isn’t it for? Once again, the person who has no interest in practicing.

Solid Alternative? Optishot 2 Golf Simulator ($299). If you’ve got some space at your house, anyone would love this golf simulator. Don’t expect 100% accuracy, but it works well enough to both have solid practice sessions or to play a round on a notable course in the dead of winter. Get Swing Caddie for the more serious golfer, or Optishot for the person who just wants to have some fun with friends.



A rangefinder is one of the most asked for gifts in the golf industry. Why? Because to know exactly how far away you are from the pin on any given spot on the golf course will give you a huge advantage. A rangefinder is an absolute must for any golfer. Our favorite is by far the Bushnell Pro X2. It’s the latest from the most recognized name in rangefinders, and it has a great feature: jolt. As soon as it locks onto the flag it will vibrate to let you know with absolute certainty you have the right distance. This is without a doubt the very best rangefinder we’ve used, and is light years better than last year’s Tour V4. It isn’t cheap, but if you want a product that will last for years – this is it.

Who is it for? The regular golfer who wants a rangefinder that will last for a long time.

Who isn’t it for? The person who already has one they love. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

Solid alternative? Precision Pro NX7 Pro ($249). The Precision Pro rangefinder caught me totally off guard this year. For about half the price of the Bushnell you get many of the same features, and it all generally works well. You’re sacrificing on lens clarity, build quality, and a couple handy features – at almost have the cost.



For golfers who love the idea of creating and playing their own courses, this is the absolute best product on the market and is on PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Who is it for? The golfer who also loves playing video games.

Who isn’t it for? The golfer who doesn’t like video games.

Solid Alternative? Everybody’s Golf for PS4 ($35). The modern take on the old Hot Shots series, this is an accessible game made to be fun for well, everybody! Golf Story on Nintendo Switch is another option. This game, while it looks like it was made in 1997 has been getting rave reviews from golfers and non-golfers alike. So, if you have a shiny new Nintendo, this is worth checking out. It’s only available as a digital download, making it difficult to give as a gift.



For most golfers, regardless of how good they actually are, Titlelist Pro-V1s golf balls are the holy grail. But, at over $50 a dozen, they aren’t cheap – and let’s be honest, for most people…… They aren’t even the best fit. That being said, any golfer would love a dozen of them. Our recommendation? Give a month subscription to the Tee Box Club. Your favorite golfer will get a dozen refurbished Pro V1s (or Callaway Superhots), and it’ll only cost you $30.

Who is it for? The golfer who can never have enough golf balls, and at least thinks they are good enough to play the Pro V1s.

Who is it not for? The person who recognizes they aren’t good enough to need super premium, tour level golf balls.

Solid Alternative? The newest Project{A} balls from Taylormade to be the best mid-range ball for amateurs, and you can get a box for around $30.