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Myrtle Beach is host to a number of charity golf tournaments through out the year, but especially during the summer months. Many local charities put on golf tournaments for locals and visitors alike to raise funds for various needs in the local community.  This is the perfect opportunity for golfers to put a team together and for a minimal amount of money have a chance to win great prizes and bragging rights! Don't forget that you also get to play a fantastic round of golf at great Myrtle Beach golf courses too.

There are many reasons to play in some of the local charity golf tournaments.  First, you get to play a round of golf at some of the great Myrtle Beach golf courses - often times at a phenomenal price.  Even if you weren't playing for cash, prizes, and bragging rights, you get to have a great day out playing golf with other golfers having a great time.  Not only do you get to play golf, but everyone that plays has a chance for their team to win the tournament.  Many hosts have various ways of compensating the players that have higher handicaps, so you don't have to be the best to beat the best. 

Not only do you play golf, have a chance to win some great prizes, have bragging rights, but most tournaments also offer food!  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes all of the above!  Most are catered with excellent food.  Let's also not forget the fact that you are supporting some of the local charities that really make a difference to those in need in our community.  These charities do great work and depend on their fundraisers to help provide the much needed services that they offer.  Some of the local charities are:  Masonic Lodge, Teen Angel, Sea Haven, Humane Society of NMB, and the list goes on and on.

So, get out there, play some great golf, have a great time, eat some great food, and support some of the local charities that need your help.  It's a win - win for everyone involved.  We'll see you out there on the greens!