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There has been a lot of talk in the golf industry since Nike stopped making equipment and many of our local golf shops (like Golfsmith) have either gone out of business or been bought and subsequently shut down. The move to online stores instead of your traditional sticks and bricks store seems like it’s been shifted into overdrive. So, with all the online stores having these great deals on golf equipment – what is one to do that wants to actually see, feel, and perhaps test the equipment before buying. What if you aren’t sure of the proper shaft, loft, lie, etc for your golf game – who are you to consult with prior to spending perhaps thousands of dollars on golf equipment that may not be the best for your game?

If you are wanting to see a professional to get properly fitted for a set of irons or perhaps a new driver to use during your Myrtle Beach golf package, we suggest that you visit one of the superstores here in the area. While you are in town for your Myrtle Beach golf package, get yourself over to the PGA Superstore and see one of their professional fitters. We recently went in to check out what kind of new drivers are out there and get one properly fitted for our swing and strength. They have all the different manufacturers and probably hundreds of shafts to match the head with the proper shaft that is perfect for your swing. We ended up with a Calloway Big Bertha head and a Graphite Design shaft. After being properly fitted, we bought the driver that went farther and flew the ball lower.

Each year, manufacturers release the latest and greatest of their equipment. You can also go and put your hands on these items at one of the Myrtle Beach golf shops. Sometimes, the new equipment is better and sometimes that’s not the case. But, you won't know until you go and look at these times yourself. Ultimately, you will use what is best for your game and only you can decide on what that is. Take some time while you are in town for your Myrtle Beach golf package and check out all the equipment at the shop. Ask questions and feel free to test the equipment – that’s what it’s there for. Of course, while you’re in town feel free to get a lesson or two for some of that new equipment that you bought at one of the local golf courses with a PGA professional, or one of the Myrtle Beach golf schools.