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Now that we have made it into the new year, perhaps one of your new year resolutions is to have better golf etiquette on the course. Spring time is just around the corner, which means that your Myrtle Beach golf package is getting closer each day. This month, we have had great weather here in Myrtle Beach and I’m sure some of the locals have been out taking advantage of the low off-season pricing at the courses. We were out and about playing this past week and weekend and noticed some need to reiterate some of the rules of golf as we found ourselves is some of the same situations time and time again – and all of them that could have been avoided with the use of proper golf etiquette.

Let’s talk about the pace of play. A normal round of golf even on a busy day at the course should take around 4 – 4.5 hours. Who wants to spend 6+ hours playing 18 holes of golf? Now if you are playing 32 holes at a Myrtle Beach golf course, then sure – 6 hours is a great time. Some people have things to do and some just want to get out and around for a quick 18 in 4 hours. Regardless of your idea of what a proper time on the course should be a few simple guidelines are universally accepted and followed. If you are a slower group and have players waiting for you to finish the hole, you can easily go to the next tee, and let the faster group “play through” let them go ahead and hit their tee shot and fairway shot and then get back on track. You may find that some courses have a ranger that will drive around the course to ensure that pace of play is acceptable. If you are asked to either speed up your play or let others play through, please accept the suggestion as this is best for the game of golf – yours and others around you.

Proper golf course maintenance is necessary. If you hit a ball in the bunker, please rake the sand trap after you have hit out of it. Rake your way out so that others that may have the unfortunate fate of landing in the bunker have the same ability to play their shot as you did. No body wants to have to try and hit a sand shot out of a footprint. If your ball lands and leaves a mark on the green, please repair it. Nobody wants to hit a great putt only to have it knocked offline because of a ball mark that wasn’t fixed.

These are only a few of the items that we noticed over the past few rounds of golf. There are many others that need to be followed too, and we recommend that you read up on golf etiquette prior to enjoying your Myrtle Beach golf package. Myrtle Beach is the seaside golf capital of the world and we hope that all golfers enjoy the golf courses. One way to do this is to follow the rules and make the golfing experience enjoyable for all those that play the game.