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Since the game of golf changes, so does the do’s and don’ts of the game. Let’s get an update for the new rules of golf etiquette for your next Myrtle Beach golf package. While there are many traditions to the game of golf, certain elements do get updated – so we’ll do our best to keep you keep you current!


We know that you can’t go anywhere without your phone, and we realize that asking you to go at least 4 hours with out it isn’t going to work. So, we recommend that you put your phone on silent or vibrate during your round, and check it on occasion. The most important thing would be to not let your phone interfere in your round – or those behind you.

Dressing for the Occasion

Proper attire on the golf course has always been and always will be important. Some of the rules have been modified. No longer do you need to wear knickerbockers and stockings, nor are the days of ties and jackets still around. Because of advancement in the textile industry, the fabrics have gotten lighter and more comfortable. Today’s standard is now a collared shirt – polo – and a nice pair of pants or shorts. The rules have relaxed, but remember – jeans, tee shirts and tank tops are still on the not allowed list.

Friendly Competition

There is one rule that hasn’t changed much over the years – no breaking, throwing or forcing clubs back in your bag due to anger. It’s ok to be upset or excited over a shot, but just remember to take everything with a grain of salt. Always be kertious of your playing partners and never celebrate when they hit a bad shot. If you are playing a match with those that you’ve not played with in the past, remember to set the rules prior to teeing off.

Swapping Clubs

Touching another player’s clubs used to be a big no-no, but these days, asking a partner if you can hold or try their club is pretty standard. It’s still against the rules to borrow other players’ equipment during play, however.

A couple more small tips:

  • Punctuality – Don’t show up less than 15 minutes before tee time
  • On the practice green – If you’re alone, putt away, but if the green is crowded, any more than two practice balls and you become greedy.
  • Taking too long to find a lost ball – This can really slow down the pace of the game, not to mention you risk never finding the ball. Take 5 minutes or less, then accept that it’s gone to golf ball heaven.
  • Standing behind people when they putt – Don’t do it.
  • Walking across the green with your club bag – The extra weight can cause an imprint, so walk on the fringe instead.