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With spring fast approaching I just want to give you a few friendly reminders of the local beach laws in North Myrtle Beach.  While visiting on your next golf trip I recommend you check out our beautiful beaches and here are a few tips.


  • No littering (fines up to $1,000)
  • No alcohol, glass containers, fireworks
  • Swim within 50 yards of shore, max depth shoulder height
  • Do not damage sea oats, sand fencing
  • Leash law in effect at all times, max leash 7 feet
  • Pick up and properly dispose of pet waste
  • No horses on beach
  • No dogs on the beach  from May 15- September 15, 9am-5pm
  • Surfing only in designated areas 9am-5pm


  • No shading devices on beach before 8am daily, remove before 7pm daily
  • Except for umbrellas, shading devices must be located landward of City umbrella line or high tide mark
  • Locate all shading devices at least 25 feet seaward of dune line
  • No shading device larger than 12 feet x 12 feet (total 144 square feet).  No higher than 9 feet installed
  • Do not place within 10 feet of lifeguard stands.  Anchoring lines may not extend beyond perimeter of shading device
  • Violation can lead to $25 fine


  • Illegal to provide laser pointers in any manner to anyone under age 17
  • Illegal for anyone under age 17 to possess laser pointer except within the permanent residence of that minor or under direct supervision of parent, guardian or teacher, who also take full responsibility for its possession and use under the law, and also bear the full consequences of its misuse.
  • Illegal for any person, any age to point a laser pointer at any person, animal (including nest and habitat), vehicle (land, air and sea), structure as so to be visible within structure, mirror or other reflecting surface so as to redirect or amplify beam to accomplish any of the above.


  • If you dig a hole in the beach more than 12 inches deep, you must fill it in before you leave.


  • GREEN:  Safe to swim
  • YELLOW:  Swim with caution
  • RED:  Dangerous conditions, max swimming depth knee deep
  • DOUBLE RED:  Beach is closed, no swimming
  • PURPLE:  Dangerous aquatic life, ask lifeguard before entering water

Hopefully these tips will help while you are here visiting our beautiful North Myrtle Beach beaches.  HAVE FUN!!!