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The Old Golf Store & Vern Green


One of the cool things about living at the beach is how many interesting and varied people that you meet.  Being a tourist destination and a retirement mecca the Grand Strand has people from all .... Read More

Debate continues on anchored putters


More than 90-days ago, we posted a blog entry regarding the ban on anchored putters. The position we took was pretty basic. After trying a few and never having played with anyone that used one, let .... Read More

Call me old school


It doesn't matter if I’m walking nine holes alone on a summer evening, or taking a golf trip with some friends. I’m one of those guys that play by the same set of rules regardless of the .... Read More

Father-Son tournament changing opening day 2013 format


 For the 16th playing of the annual Golf Dimensions National Father & Son Team Classic a Texas Scramble format will be introduced in the opening round. Using 60-percent of individual .... Read More

Anchored putters in the spotlight


This past Sunday Adam Scott won the Australian Masters using his anchored putter. Of course that sparked an immediate dialogue regarding the anchored (long) putters and should the PGA Tour ban them .... Read More

Myrtle Beach area golf community contributes to Sandy relief efforts


Friday morning a 24-foot tractor-trailer carrying 90 boxes of jackets, golf shirts, and relief supplies and cash courtesy primarily of some area golf courses, packagers and hotels departed Myrtle .... Read More

How to get to Myrtle Beach?


Recently, I enjoyed an extended vacation to visit family in New England and the Northeast, attend a Big Ten football game and of course play some golf. Since I despise driving the travel choices came .... Read More

So, your favorite was left off the list


I’ve shared with regular readers my fondness for Tim Cate designed golf courses. The fact that two of his Big Cats – Tiger’s Eye and Leopard’s Chase – at Ocean Ridge .... Read More

It's a family affair


Numerous golfers have come to the game through family relationships. Personally, it was an aunt and uncle that introduced me to the sport and I’ve shared my passion with a wife, son and .... Read More

Quality Price Service


You’ve seen the headline a number of times: Quality, Price and Service – at the mechanic shop, grocery store, even your favorite restaurant. Well, Myrtle Beach golf courses are no .... Read More

Improving Your Swing Out of Bunkers


.... Read More

Unpacking the Founder's Inclusive Golf Package


.... Read More

A Golfer's Christmas List


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Preparing for Golf Season in Myrtle Beach


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