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The Coastal Players Tour Shifts into High Gear for 2017


Back in 2012, Buddy Wilkins started the Coastal Players Tour. It was mostly for local professionals around the Grand Strand area and was pretty low-budget. Last year, the tour added a new partner .... Read More

Spring Myrtle Beach Golf


It’s officially spring along the Grand Strand, which means that it’s golf season! The weather has become warmer (although with the mild winter many of you probably enjoyed some fantastic .... Read More

New Rules of Golf Etiquette


Since the game of golf changes, so does the do’s and don’ts of the game. Let’s get an update for the new rules of golf etiquette for your next Myrtle Beach golf package. While there .... Read More

Myrtle Beach’s Ultimate Round of 18 Golf Holes


The Myrtle Beach areas offers nearly 100 golf courses, with more than 1700 golf holes spread throughout the different courses. According to a local article, the South Carolina Golf Course Ratings .... Read More

Battling Performance Nerves During Your Myrtle Beach Golf Package


Battling performance nerves during your Myrtle Beach Golf Package even when you are physically playing the game of golf, it’s also a tough mental game. Sure, you can grab a club and hit the .... Read More

Keep Cool While Playing Golf


How To Keep Cool When Playing Golf During your Myrtle Beach Golf Package? While we are not in summer yet, the peak golf season is just around the corner. That means it gonna get warm out on the .... Read More

10 Useful Facts - Part II


A few days ago we gave y'all the first 5 of 10 useful facts about golf, so that you could impress your buddies while on your Myrtle Beach golf package. So, without further ado, we offer up the .... Read More

10 Useful Golf Facts for your Next Myrtle Beach Golf Package - Part I


10 Useful and Strange Facts in the History of Golf – Part I It’s always good to have some pop culture information up your sleeve if you want to impress your buddies during your next .... Read More

8 Things You Need In Your Golf Bag


Get your golf bag ready for your Myrtle Beach golf package? As you organize your golf bag and plan for your Myrtle Beach golf package, you will be packing the basics such as balls, ball marker, .... Read More

Golf Bachelor Party in Myrtle Beach


How to Throw a Golf-Themed Bachelor Party in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? So your friend is getting married, and you both play golf. It’s only natural that you’d decide to have a .... Read More

Consistency For Your Myrtle Beach Golf Package


Regardless of your skill level, consistency and technique are what most golfers desire in their golf game. Variation of either can alter a round of golf. Not only is it important for a player to .... Read More

5 Common Course Management Tips


  One of the most underrated and overlooked part of the golf game is Course Management. To keep a consistent winning strategy means to know your strengths and weaknesses and from that play the .... Read More

Planning for your Myrtle Beach Golf Package


With this mild winter, you may be thinking of your next Myrtle Beach golf package sooner than expected. Already have your Myrtle Beach golf package all planned out and just waiting for the day to get .... Read More

Luxury Myrtle Beach Golf Package


Did you ever think that you and your golfing buddies would be able to book a golf vacation to Myrtle Beach and enjoy not only all of the different Myrtle Beach golf courses, some of which are world .... Read More

Myrtle Beach Golf Etiquette


Now that we have made it into the new year, perhaps one of your new year resolutions is to have better golf etiquette on the course. Spring time is just around the corner, which means that your .... Read More

Myrtle Beach Golf Equipment


There has been a lot of talk in the golf industry since Nike stopped making equipment and many of our local golf shops (like Golfsmith) have either gone out of business or been bought and .... Read More

Dale Ketola Golf Instruction


Myrtle Beach Golf Fitting and Instruction gains a new complex at Grande Dunes For over 4 years, Dale Ketola has had his Myrtle Beach golf instruction school in a few different locations.  He is .... Read More

Meredith Kirk Named one of the Best Young Teachers in America by Golf Digest


Meredith Kirk, of TPC Myrtle Beach, has been named on of the 40 “Best Young Teachers in America” by Golf Digest for the 2016-2017 list. Kirk is the lead instructor at the Dustin Johnson .... Read More

Make Money with your Myrtle Beach Golf Package


Starting in 2017, golfers along the Grand Strand will be able to win perhaps thousands of dollars simply be making an ace on one of the Myrtle Beach golf courses that have partnered with .... Read More

2016 Majors in Review


Each year, golfers of all skill levels look forward to the major championships that the PGA provides. So, as we start 2017, let’s take a look back at the 4 major championships of 2016. 2016 .... Read More