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Before we get to the end of the year, the idea of new year’s resolutions came to mind and we got to thinking about resolutions vs. bucket lists. This time of year, it becomes about fall and family and sometimes that means that we need to fill space and therefore a potential of a void of good golf subject matter. Never fear, a good “Resolutions” story will certainly fill the gap.

Came across a few articles that caught my eye recently: “Golf Trips to Scotland or Ireland” surely on your mind after the British Open, naturally. “Booking a Golf Cruise” on the Daube – that certainly peaked my interest. Both of these articles were very interesting and perhaps on the bucket list, but frankly perhaps not do-able in the near future due to the financial cost of the excursion’s. Perhaps at a later date for these two items.

However, a items that I saw could be taken off the “bucket list” and put on the resolutions list for next year! It’s never to start planning for next year’s golf resolutions. “Attend a PGA Event” is a must. The pros out there really are good, and I’d love to get a chance to see some of the young guns and new faces out there! Another resolution I really liked was “Organize a Buddy Trip.”

That’s what Myrtle Beach golf and Myrtle Beach golf packages are all about. Gather some friends and give Myrtle Beach Golf Authority a call. There’s great golf and outstanding accommodations to fit any size, budget and desire. Plus, there’s casino action with cruise ship caliber cuisine and live theatre entertainment to keep your attention in the evenings.

So, what will be my golf resolution for 2018? Well, I always say “keep it simple”. Get up and down for par more often. As with most people, as you age you loose distance and do not hit greens as well as I used to. My best chance for game improvement is the short game, so that’s what I’ll work on for next year.

Have a great rest of 2017 and don’t forget to book that fall Myrtle Beach golf package – it’s never too late to plan a golf vacation to the Seaside Golf Capital of the World.