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It is that time of year again to make your preparations to attend the World Famous SOS Fall Migration in North Myrtle Beach.  This year’s event will be held September 12-21.

Each year thousands of Shaggers and Beach Music lovers flock to the beautiful city of North Myrtle Beach, S.C. to participate in what some may say is the highlight of their year.  The beautiful Atlantic Ocean and outstanding fall weather provide the perfect venue for this fun event.  It is a perfect time to kick up your heels, see old friends, enjoy the beach music clubs and shag the night away.

Everyone’s favorite Carolina Beach Music can be enjoyed with live bands performing as well as world renown DJs in the many clubs located in the OD section of North Myrtle Beach.  Sunday and Monday, be sure to bring your chairs and set up outside to enjoy the 2 big block parties that will feature some of the top bands and guest artists each day.

You may even want to get in a little golf while you are here.  To make it easy and get the best deals on your golf simply go to www.MyrtleBeachTeeTimesNow.com and they will be sure to make your golf experience is all that you could hope for.