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This article is going to cover some of the best and most entertaining golf content creators on social media and YouTube. Whether you're looking for a series of tips and tricks, best golf shots, or reviews of clubs and other merchandise, this list will cover it all. Let's start with some of the best golfers on YouTube. 


1) Good Good 

Good Good is a golf channel that has endless hours of amazing golf content to watch. The channel consists of 6 guys who travel around the country to play some of the top golf courses available. They have several different series of knockout golf, scrambles, closest to the pin, and other fun challenges. A full film crew follows them wherever they go so you will get to see action from multiple angles at all times. 

The guys at Good Good bring laughs, positive vibes, and entertaining content to every video. You might get stuck on a binge of their videos once you start. You can find a link to their channel below.

Good Good YouTube Channel


2) Bob Does Sports

Bob Does Sports is a bit of a smaller YouTube channel but the content is hilarious and entertaining as ever. This channel follows the host (Bob) and his friend Joey "ColdCuts" around to golf courses where they compete against each other in 1 versus 1 faceoff, challenges, and other shenanigans. This channel is a little bit more laid back, where the golf may not be the most skilled but the average golfer can definitely relate to the antics. 

Bobby "Fairways" is an excellent host who keeps the energy high and will have you glued to the screen. To view the channel and watch their videos, follow the link below.

Bob Does Sports


3) Golf on Tik Tok 

Tik Tok is home to an enormous amount of golf content that gets uploaded daily. Here you can find all the latest trends, funny videos, tips, tricks, and more. The great thing about Tik Tok is that the algorithm curates the videos so that your favorite type of content shows up the most based on your like videos, follows,  and videos you've commented on. Here is a list of some of the best golf Tik Tok accounts to follow:

- @Manoloteachesgolf

- @zire_golf

- @pgatour

- @thatgolfgrind



4) Fore Play Golf 

The ForePlay guys consist of four Barstool Sports employees who put out daily golf content to social media, podcasts, and YouTube. Like other golf YouTubers, they travel to different courses and play scrambles, versus, and other fun challenges. The thing about this channel is the budget. Barstool is a well-known and successful company that allows them to put out high-quality content. These videos often replicate what it's like to watch the golf channel, except a little more laid back and not as censored. You can subscribe to the Fore Play Golf channel here: Fore Play Golf