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Get your golf bag ready for your Myrtle Beach golf package?

As you organize your golf bag and plan for your Myrtle Beach golf package, you will be packing the basics such as balls, ball marker, tees, clubs, etc – but don’t forget the non-golf necessities as well! Here are a few items that you’ll want to make sure you have in your bag for your next Myrtle Beach golf package.

Clean Towel

We stress the word clean. Most golfers will put the towel in their bag at the beginning of the season, and perhaps leave it there for the entire season. While that may work for some folks, imagine wiping your hands dry or sweat off your head with a dirty towel – it can get really grimy and nasty. Keep it clean, guys.

Bug Spray

While a gallery on a golf course may be an exciting proposition, a gallery of 100 mosquitoes isn't the type of gallery that you are wanting. Nothing can ruin a great round of golf faster than being eaten alive by bugs.

Medical Kit

While golf isn't a full contact sport, a kit of medical necessities is a great idea, just-in-case.

We suggest some Band-aids, Aspirin, bee sting spray or ointment, and lip balm. You might be surprised who this little kit may help someone out in your group (especially those that don’t pack their own kit). We also recommend a nice bottle of sunscreen with your kit. You’ll thank us in the morning when you don’t look like a beet.

Bluetooth Speaker

Not all of these items that are recommended for your golf bag are to help fend of emergencies – some items are just for fun. What could be more fun than playing a few fun tunes from your bluetooth speaker and smartphone in the middle of a buddies backswing? Although, if asked about this recommendation – we’ll deny it! You didn’t get the idea from us.

Energy Bars

As you make your way to the final holes, you may find your focus dwindling as your body starts to wind down from fatigue. Energy bars can give you the extra boost not to fade on those final holes.

Extra pair of Socks

What could be worse than walking around the golf course in wet socks. Most of the golf courses you will play during your Myrtle Beach golf package will have plenty of water hazards and ways you can get your feet wet. If your feet are wet, you can change out of those socks and reinvigorate your golf game.

Koozie for your beverage of choice

Do we really need much of an explanation with this one? What’s worse than a warm drink – especially on a hot day in the middle of a round of golf? Nothing.