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Here are some tips that you might want to use when visiting Myrtle Beach on your next golf vacation.

  1.  SHOW UP AT LEAST 30 MINUTES before your tee time.  Most players have a tendency to show up a few minutes prior and then they are in a hurry.
  2. DO A FEW STRETCHES.  Just to get loosened up.  One favorite stretch is for your left shoulder.  Grab your left elbow and pull it across your chest to get a good shoulder stretch, which will help with a good shoulder turn.  But be sure to stretch both sides to stay in balance and always discuss stretching with your doctor to obtain the proper stretches for your body.
  3. START WITH A WEDGE to loosen up the swing.  Start with low chip shots and then five full swings…but easy.  Work on good contact.  Start with a sand wedge or pitching wedge then go to a 7-iron, then a fairway wood and then the driver.  Hit four or five shots with each club.
  4. DON’T FORGET to putt before you tee off.  Some pros putt first and some putt last.  Putting last helps you learn the speed of the greens.  Work on three and six footers.