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Blackmoor Golf Club is located on the south end of Myrtle Beach. Designed by Gary Player and the only golf course in the area designed by the legend, Blackmoor Golf Club was designed to provide golfers of all skill levels a fun and challenging day on the links. This golf course was built on a former plantation site that runs along the Waccamaw River. History shows us that prior to Blackmoor, the land was part of the Longwood Plantation. Come and play this course, see the beautiful scenery and enjoy a laid back round of golf for your next Myrtle Beach golf package at Blackmoor Golf Club.

The first hole can be a bit tricky with depressions and humps surrounding the green instead of the traditional bunkers. Should you miss the green, your chip shot can be a bit tricky out of this area. The second hole is the longest par 3 at Blackmoor, and should you come up a bit short on your tee shot, the green is very open to a bump and run shot. Hole #3 will test your shot making ability – this short par 5 requires carefully placed shots to get you where you need to be to cross the marsh and get on the green. Holes 4 & 5 are some of the most scenic on the entire course. #6 is a long Par 4 that rewards great shot making – our tip: place your tee shot down the left side of the fairway, and you can get a few extra yards of roll. Holes 7 and 8 are your classic risk/reward holes that will reward a properly hit tee and fairway shot, while punishing those that stray. The final hole of the front nine is a solid hole that requires your tee shot land in the fairway due to the water and bunkers flanking the left side and OB on the right. A great finish for the first half of this golf course.

Make the turn and head out to the back nine at Blackmoor and be ready to test your skills again. Hole #10 is a Par that is the only dogleg left at this golf course. Our tip: attack the green from the right front – the back left of the green is only 12 yards deep. The hardest and trickiest green on the golf course is on hole #11. Short and scenic, this hole leaves little room for a mis-hit shot. Hole 12 is a classic risk/reward hole that will suck you in and is hardly worth the risk. The most historic hole at Blackmoor is the Par 5 13th. Down the left side of the hole is a cemetery that dates all the way back to the 1800s. 14 is another dogleg par 4 where you need to be on the lookout for gators. Hole #15 is the most beautiful hole at Blackmoor. A short Par 3 over water – but focus on the shot, not the scenery for the best result on this one! #16 brings you the widest fairways on the entire course and 17 can bring you a little trouble due to the wind that makes the hole play longer than what you see on the scorecard.

Blackmoor ends with a par 5 18th hole that brings all potential hazard elements into play: water, sand and trees! Make a great tee shot and the potential for reaching the green in two is yours. No matter what your skill level, when you add Blackmoor Golf Club to your list of courses to play for your Myrtle Beach golf package, you will experience a round of golf that you will want to remember for years to come.