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Some of the best Myrtle Beach golf and hotel packages are put together in 1 day, and some of them are crafted by a very thoughtful group leader over the process of weeks, sometimes even months. Regardless of how long they take to plan, the best Myrtle Beach golf and hotel packages all have one thing in common: good times and grand golf rounds.

Many golfers who've never been to Myrtle Beach often think that it's a resort, like Doral, but it's nothing like that. Myrtle Beach is more like a way of life. It can seem overwhelming, especially if you don't know your way around. There are a couple of things that might surprise you about Myrtle Beach. The entire golf area stretches along 60 miles of coastline and extends from Georgetown to North Carolina. The second surprise will quickly help you plan for the best Myrtle Beach golf and hotel package. So many of the golf courses are terrific. The greens at the golf courses in Myrtle Beach can be ragged, especially during the short winter season, and many golfers seem careless with filling divots, raking bunkers, and finishing in less than six hours. But with that being said, there are many great places to play, and most of them won't cost much, especially when you plan your best Myrtle Beach golf and hotel package in the offseason. 

The main appeal of Myrtle Beach is not that it's such a bargain but that it's devoted to the golfing fantasies of the average American golfer. Tee times and bar seats are plentiful, well-used golf balls are easier to find than seashells, and everything is divisible by four. You don't have to remove your hat when you go indoors, and if you feel like drying your golf shoes by turning them upside down over the air vent in your vacation rental, no one will think wrong of you. Best of all, for a golf-starved visitor at certain times of the year, Myrtle Beach is a reminder that summer will be back in almost no time at all. The best Myrtle Beach golf and hotel packages are easy to find and book. Call us and get started today!