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When you start thinking and planning your next Myrtle Beach golf vacation, think about a package provider. When you use a package provider, all your Myrtle Beach golf booking is done for you and your group! Don’t worry about calling the different courses and getting tee times, don’t worry about your accommodations – all your Myrtle Beach golf booking is done by the package provider.

Why waste time scouting all the courses, checking all the costs online on several different websites and then doing all your various tee times and Myrtle Beach golf bookings yourself – you can save time, stress and money when you leave that to the professionals. At Myrtle Beach Golf Authority, we have been making Myrtle Beach golf bookings painless for groups of all skill and sizes for over a decade. Our golf specialists are experts at matching your wants, needs, and budget. Your Myrtle Beach golf booking will be a breeze – because you don’t have to worry about it.

Not only will your package provider make your Myrtle Beach golf booking seamless and painless – paying for your Myrtle Beach golf booking will be just as easy! No more calling around to the various places to make payment – then having to get payment from those in your group – with your package provider you pay in one place! We can also take individual payments for the Myrtle Beach golf booking from each of the players in your group.

A Myrtle Beach golf package is meant to be enjoyed, not stressed over. Don’t make all your Myrtle Beach golf booking yourself – leave that to the experts. Call Myrtle Beach Golf Authority today and get started planning your next exciting golf package today. We are just a phone call away.