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Each year the end of summer brings in people from around the world to the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship and with that each night, the Myrtle Beach golf expo. The World Amateur Handicap Championship is home to what they call, “The World’s Largest 19th Hole” and is a nightly tournament party and Myrtle Beach golf expo. It’s the center of the championship and is held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. At the Myrtle Beach golf expo, you will find not only equipment and professionals, but also food, drinks, fun and all things golf!

Each night, the Championship plays host to the Myrtle Beach golf expo, which offers food catered by some of the best Myrtle Beach restaurants, and of course live entertainment and your choice of adult beverages. You will find PGA professionals that can tell you about new equipment that is being offered, club testing and you can even pick their brain and get advice to help you on your golf game.

This past year was even bigger for the Championship with over 3400 players, and that meant an even bigger Myrtle Beach golf expo. Here are just a few of the exhibitors at the 2016 Myrtle Beach golf expo:

Ecco Shoes

This manufacturer of golf shoes are know to be the most comfortable shoe in golf. Where else would be a more perfect place to show of these shoes than the Myrtle Beach golf expo? Not only are their shoes comfortable, but stylish, high quality and durable. You will find many PGA tour professionals that where these shoes.


This is a unique company that can be found at the Myrtle Beach golf expo. ClubCrown uses graphics to make your driver, wood or hybrid into your own custom creation by design. You can put anything you can think of on your club, all while keeping the integrity and form of that club. This exhibitor has become a favorite at the Myrtle Beach golf expo, and for good reason.


Want to customize your golf ball, but alter the flight of your ball? Then this Myrtle Beach golf expo exhibitor is who you need to see. Choose from a number of unique designs from the folks at Golfdotz.