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world tour golf linksEver wanted to play some of the world most famous golf courses and more specifically the most famous holes from these golf courses? That dream is a reality when you play World Tour Golf Links and you can play these holes all in one afternoon, right here in Myrtle Beach, SC.   If you type Myrtle Beach golf famous holes course into your search engine, you will find World Tour Golf Links. This Myrtle Beach golf course was modeled after some of the most famous holes in golf. Challenge your skills from across the globe, right here in Myrtle Beach. With all the famous holes that you can pick from, we were wondering: That are the top 3 holes, the best of the best, at this unique Myrtle Beach golf famous holes course?

Without further suspense, we give to you the top hole from each of the three nines at World Tour Golf Links as picked by Tom Plankers, the General Manager.

The first nine, referred to at the Open 9, contains a replica of one of the easiest to recognize, but hardest to play – the 17th hole from The Players Club at Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. The third hole at World Tour measures a frightening 132 yards onto an island green that must be accurate and there is no “bail out” location. How many balls are in the water – “Lots”. That’s OK – relax, step up, hit your ball, and keep your fingers crossed.

The second nine, known as the Championship nine was modeled after the memorable holes from the US Open, Masters and Players Championship. Picking the top hole from this 9 is too difficult to do: Let’s go with the 3 holes, known as Amen Corner from the Masters. What would Amen Corner be without the famous creek: Ray’s Creek – named after the famous Raymond Floyd. This is a treat for any golfer!

The Final 9, called the International 9 are made to simulate the most popular golf holes located in Europe. The top hole of this nine was chosen as hole #2 a par 5 that was modeled after the 4th hole at Valderrama Golf Club. The long par 5 ends at the tiered green and is tricky for players of all skill level. If you hit a great tee shot, you have a chance to go for the green, but proceed with caution. Most players choose to lay up!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to play the Myrtle Beach golf famous holes course – World Tour Golf Links.