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With all the information available on the internet these days, you might not know where to turn when looking for information on the golf industry, courses, packages, etc. A Myrtle Beach golf forum is great to use to find out all the information from the locals, recent guests, professionals and even the golf courses about what is happening in the golf industry in the Myrtle Beach area.

There are a number of Myrtle Beach golf forum out there, but here are our favorites:

Myrtle Beach Golf Talk (www.myrtlebeachgolftalk.com)

This Myrtle Beach golf forum offers lots of useful information for both locals and visitors. There are a few different categories that you can post and respond to, including: General, Advice, Courses (most popular), Accommodations, Dining and Entertainment and Outings. Golfers can check out what others have to say about all the above categories. Want to find out who has played a course that you are looking to visit in the next few weeks? Look on this Myrtle Beach golf forum and if they’ve played and have anything to say, you can find it here.

Myrtle Beach Golf Insider (www.mbgolfinsider.com)

On this Myrtle Beach golf forum you will find out information about the golf courses. More like a review board, this Myrtle Beach golf forum is your source for all the recent reviews on the 100+ golf courses. On here, you can browse through recent and not so recent reviews of all of the Myrtle Beach area golf courses. These reviews are posted by golfers from all around the world who have played the courses. You can’t respond like a true golf forum, but you can get un-biased reviews for the course that you are looking for.

Golf WRX (www.golfwrx.com)

This Myrtle Beach golf forum is not dedicated to the Myrtle Beach area, but it is one of the largest golf boards out there today. On this golf forum, you will information on pretty much anything you are looking to find – courses, equipment, pros, etc. If you do a search for Myrtle Beach, you will find several posting unique to our specific area, as we are known as the “Seaside Golf Capital”.

Which ever Myrtle Beach golf forum you choose, you will have useful information at the tips of your fingers. Feel free to ask our golf professionals at Myrtle Beach Golf Authority as well – we are just a phone call away.