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When you plan a vacation to Myrtle Beach or a Myrtle Beach Golf Package, most people think of beach homes, condos, fine dining, and golf courses, but you should also think of Myrtle Beach golf carts! Come into town and take advantage of our local golf carts rules and regulations – put your vehicle away and tool around on your own Myrtle Beach golf cart around town. Save money on gas and enjoy the fresh sea breezes while riding around in your Myrtle Beach golf cart rental.

A vacation is even better when you have a Myrtle Beach golf cart to explore the city. There are several places where you can rent a Myrtle Beach golf cart. Ask one of our vacation specialists for agencies that provide reasonable rates for your next Myrtle Beach golf cart. There are a few rules and regulations, several of which we outline below. Still, we encourage everyone to review the complete list online, depending on which city you will be vacationing.

  1. You must have a valid driver's license to drive a Myrtle Beach golf cart.
  2. Myrtle Beach golf carts are not permitted on the streets after dark.
  3. Certain streets are off-limits to Myrtle Beach golf carts. Example: Ocean Blvd and Hwy 17 are two streets where Myrtle Beach golf carts are not allowed. You can cross Hwy 17 at the traffic lights.

The above items are just a concise list of some Myrtle Beach golf cart regulations. Please visit the website of each city for the particulars.

Myrtle Beach golf carts are much fun, but please use caution and look for all the various traffic – 4 wheels, two wheels, and even foot traffic is vital to be aware of.