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Myrtle Beach is known as the Seaside Golf Capital of the World, and there is a great reason why!

Myrtle Beach is the only place where the ratio of golf courses per land area is not high. Drive down Highway 17, and you will run across a golf course every few feet! Myrtle Beach has a variety of courses that can work in golf packages for every budget, from the most expensive to the least and everything in between! Because of the large number of courses in the area, a Myrtle Beach golf guide will come in handy when booking your tee times for your next Myrtle Beach golf package.

Myrtle Beach area is home to some top-notch courses, some average courses, and those that are best for the budget-minded golfers and those just beginning to learn the game. Even with the area playing host to over 100 golf courses, only two made Golfweek's most recent top 200 modern and classic courses: the Dunes Golf and Beach Club and the Caledonia Fish and Golf Club, ranked 89th and 73rd, respectively, in the current course category.

But, like any list, this list is subjective, and many golfers would argue that many other Grand Strand courses belong on the list. Many highly ranked and reviewed courses along the Strand in a Myrtle Beach golf guide.

In a Myrtle Beach golf guide, you will notice that rate changes are frequently based on weather, time (am or pm), and season. The off-seasons are naturally the cheapest, as are afternoon tee times, and watch out for courses that use "double tees," starting golfers at the 1st and 10th holes at specific times during the day. Ask the course for pricing or your package provider with Myrtle Beach Golf Authority.

In a Myrtle Beach golf guide, you might be surprised to learn that quite a few area courses allow walking, but always check with the course first. Walking is a great way to get extra exercise on the course.