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When booking your golf vacation, one of the most important decisions that you will make is your accommodation rental. At Myrtle Beach Golf Authority, we directly connect with Elliott Beach Rentals and can offer hundreds of vacation properties at a discounted rate. Regardless of your group size, we have a Myrtle Beach golf house rental that will meet your criteria – size, budget, need, and want. We also offer properties located throughout the Grand Strand, so we can be sure to get you close to the courses that you have in your Myrtle Beach golf package.

Myrtle Beach golf house rentals are a breeze. Ranging in size from 3 bedrooms to 10+ bedrooms – we can find you the right size for your golf group. If you want specific amenities for your Myrtle Beach golf house rental, we will most likely have something that will work for your group. Pools, hot tubs, and even game rooms are available in some of our Myrtle Beach golf house rentals. Oceanfront, off the ocean, and even channel homes are available. Of course, your budget is essential as well. Because we work directly with another division of our parent company, we can get you and your golf group the best possible accommodations at the best rate.

Along with your Myrtle Beach golf house rentals are the linen rentals and departure cleaning. Most of our accommodations come with both of those options, and we can even have the beds made for you when you arrive, so you don’t have to worry about it when you get here. Just show up and worry about making your tee time! All our Myrtle Beach golf house rentals are within walking distance to the beach, so when you are not on the golf course, you can enjoy the best beach on the East Coast - we may be a little biased, but we think that it’s true.

Call us today and start working with our golf specialists to pick out your perfect Myrtle Beach golf house rental and courses for your Myrtle Beach golf package.