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What does it take to be a Myrtle Beach golf insider? A Myrtle Beach golf insider is a couple of things! It is a website that you can check to get the latest reviews on the courses, look for deals and specials, and learn about all things Myrtle Beach golf! The reviews of the courses on the website are done by those of mixed skills who play the course. They may not be expertly written or include many flowery languages. Still, these are honest reviews made by real golfers playing the courses you want to know about. Each review is done by the average Joe, who will give you an unbiased look at what kind of shape the course is in and even let you know about the layout (if they liked it or not and why) plus how they were treated by the service personnel in the pro shop. You can also find out from the Myrtle Beach golf insider website about any maintenance that might be taking place on the course before you make your tee time and show up to play a round.

The Myrtle Beach golf insider website is what you might expect from the name. You can get insider information on the majority of the Myrtle Beach area golf courses in this place. You will also find recent articles on the various golf courses along the Grand Strand.

Another thing that a Myrtle Beach golf insider is would be a person. Think of our golf specialists as your personal Myrtle Beach golf insider. They can tell you about the courses, what they like and don’t like about them when the best time(s) to play is, and of course, get you the best deal by booking your Myrtle Beach golf package with Myrtle Beach Golf Authority. A Myrtle Beach golf insider is just what you get when working with us as your package provider.