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The term Myrtle Beach golf leagues brings to mind memories of a make-shift bowling league type experience.  A bunch of guys that get together to have fun at a sport that they enjoy and play well, but not well enough to make any money at or even attempt to make a professional run at. You tell stories, build camaraderie and even partake is a few adult beverages and snacks. It’s some time spent with your friends to enjoy the game that you love. While a Myrtle Beach golf league may not technically exist, there are many that would love to see this type of thing take shape.

While there is no formal place to go for a Myrtle Beach golf league, there are those out there that have tournaments that you can participate in and gain buddies in the game of golf. One particular series of tournaments that would be as close to a Myrtle Beach golf league as you can get would be the GSSMGA (Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association). This particular group is for men over the age of 50. They play a tournament that can host over 100 golfers pretty much every other week. The entry fees are quite reasonable (usually $35-$45, depending on the golf course), and it’s a great way to meet other golfers that you can play with even when a tournament is not scheduled. Only draw back of this Myrtle Beach golf league is that you need to be a man, and over the age of 50.

For those that are not seniors looking for tournament play, another option to get you the Myrtle Beach golf league feel would be to talk with some of the local’s favorite golf courses (Azalea Sands, Eagle Nest, Crown Park, Long Bay, Farmstead, Meadowlands, etc) and ask their staff about regular groups that you could be paired with. There are several groups that play during certain days of the week (usually around the same time, too) at some of the above-mentioned local favorite golf courses. They have friendly competitions between the members of the group and will often be looking for new golfers to join them. Is it a true Myrtle Beach golf league? No, but it’s darn close.