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There are a number of lucky people that get to call the Grand Strand home. Those people get to enjoy the beach everyday of the year. They also get to enjoy the 100+ Myrtle Beach golf courses. With the sheer number of golf courses available to locals, one might imagine that you could end up spending a pretty penny in greens and cart fees. The Myrtle Beach golf courses want to encourage the locals to play there courses, so many of them will offer Myrtle Beach golf local rates to those that live within a certain distance to the course. This distance may vary between courses, so if you are looking for a Myrtle Beach golf local rate at a certain course, it is probably a good idea to phone the course prior to your tee time or ask your Myrtle Beach golf package expert.

Myrtle Beach golf local rates can help you save a lot of money. The rates for the courses will start around $25 and go up from there depending on which course you will want to play. Local favorites that have great Myrtle Beach golf local rates are: Eagle Nest, Arcadian Shores, Beachwood, Crown Park, Legends, Myrtlewood and even the Big Cat courses up in North Carolina. Take your pick and make your tee time to take advantage of the Myrtle Beach golf local rates. A local ID may be required prior to playing to get the special local rate.

If you live in the Grand Strand area, be sure to use your local ID to play some of the fabulous Myrtle Beach golf courses that are plentiful along the 60 miles from North Carolina to Georgetown. Discover why the area is known as the Seaside Golf Capital of the World. If you are looking for even more of a discount, ask for the Myrtle Beach golf local rates during the off season and you might be surprised how little you need to come out of your pocket to play some of the fabulous Myrtle Beach golf courses. You are here – be sure to get out and enjoy some the local greens!