1. Myrtle Beach Golf Packages
  2. Myrtle Beach Golf Lodging

When booking your Myrtle Beach golf package, the two main components you are looking at are the golf courses you will be playing and the golf lodging you and your group will be staying in. Myrtle Beach Golf Authority teams with their sister company, Elliott Beach Rentals, to provide the best housing for your golf package. There are several options in Myrtle Beach golf lodging to consider when booking your golf package.

  1. How many are in your group? Smaller groups may consider a condo, while the larger groups may want to consider a beach house for your Myrtle Beach golf lodging for your golf package. We have a variety of condos ranging from 1 bedroom to 6 bedrooms and beach houses – some up to 10+ bedrooms. Speak to your golf specialist and ask about the number of beds in the Myrtle Beach golf lodging options. Does each golfer need their own bedroom or just their own bed? If you are willing to share a room with two beds so that each has their own bed, you may be able to book a smaller condo or house for your group, and your Myrtle Beach golf lodging can be reduced in cost.
  2. Is oceanfront a necessity? Suppose you want to enjoy being directly on the oceanfront while in town for your Myrtle Beach golf package. In that case, that will affect your Myrtle Beach golf lodging options. We have many oceanfront condos and beach homes to choose from. We also have channel houses, Myrtle Beach golf lodging a few blocks from the beach, and those across the street. If you are looking to reduce your Myrtle Beach golf lodging costs, not being oceanfront could be a reasonable option.
  3. Amenities, Amenities, and more Amenities…. Is your group looking for Myrtle Beach golf lodging to sleep in, or will you be spending time there and looking to enjoy the beach and the various Myrtle Beach golf courses? The condo buildings have many amenities such as pools (both indoor and outdoor), lazy rivers, hot tubs, fitness centers, and even a gift shop. If you are looking for more privacy in your Myrtle Beach golf lodging but still a list of amenities, we also have beach houses with pools, game rooms, and even some with a hot tub and theatre! Ask your golf specialist about all the amenity options in your Myrtle Beach golf lodging.

Regardless of what you are looking for in your Myrtle Beach golf lodging, we have something that will meet your needs, wants, and budget. We will help you pick the perfect Myrtle Beach golf courses and Myrtle Beach golf lodging to make the best golf package for you and your group.