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Myrtle Beach can seem like a big place to visitors, especially first-time visitors, with lots to do and maybe a little overwhelming. When booking your Myrtle Beach golf package, you have over 100 golf courses to choose from. Finding your way to those 100 Myrtle Beach golf courses can be a challenge. When you have a Myrtle Beach golf map, making your way to the course for your tee times will be a breeze. A Myrtle Beach golf map will also come in handy when you are off the course and planning your nightly activities.

On a Myrtle Beach Golf Map, you will easily be able to find the golf courses that you will be playing during your Myrtle Beach golf package. A Myrtle Beach golf map will show you all the courses from North Carolina down to Georgetown. A Myrtle Beach Golf Map will also show you various things to do off the course. Most of the places along the Grand Strand are easily accessible in a relatively short time frame as you stay in a central location for your accommodations.

The best way to provide the best and most comprehensive guide to Myrtle Beach Golf is with a Myrtle Beach golf map. When you book a Myrtle Beach golf package with Myrtle Beach Golf Authority, we provide a Myrtle Beach golf map for those golfers that would like one. There are also many websites and local shops that offer a Myrtle Beach Golf Map. Check the local golf stores such as PGA Superstore when you pick up your golfing supplies and pick up your Myrtle Beach golf map.

Don't hesitate to ask the Myrtle Beach Golf Authority staff or any of the local courses for directions to where you need to go if you can't pick up a Myrtle Beach Golf Map!