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When you are planning your Myrtle Beach golf package, you will want to have all the information on golf in the Grand Strand that you can find. One thing you will want to know is the latest Myrtle Beach golf news. Where can you find all this helpful information? Besides this website, of course. Here are a couple of online suggestions where you can keep yourself informed on all the Myrtle Beach golf news.

One great place to find Myrtle Beach golf news is the local newspaper. The Sun News is our local newspaper, which features more than just Myrtle Beach golf news, but news of all sorts from around the Grand Strand. While viewing all the Myrtle Beach golf news, you can also see what is happening in the area, check out real estate (hey, you might find your perfect vacation property!), and even keep track of the weather. Keep yourself abreast of all the local golf information to be found at: www.myrtlebeachonline.com.

The Golf Holiday website is another stellar location to get Myrtle Beach golf news. Golf Holiday is the Myrtle Beach promotional company for golf. This website will have all the latest Myrtle Beach golf news on the Myrtle Beach golf courses and tournaments (where and when they are being played and the results). They even have an instruction zone with all the latest Myrtle Beach golf news from local instructors and schools. Keep this website on your list of favorites to check for Myrtle Beach golf news at: www.myrtlebeachgolfholiday.com - but only after you check out Myrtle Beach Golf Authority first.

On the Green Magazine is a local Myrtle Beach golf news publication where you can find information about the courses, restaurants and dining options, nightlife information, and even view videos all about Myrtle Beach golf. They also have a section called recommendations where locals and staff give you tips and pointers all to do with all things Myrtle Beach. A great source of information and Myrtle Beach golf news, you can check it out at www.onthegreenmagazine.com.

Of course, suppose you have any questions about courses or anything else golf-related. In that case, you can call our office and speak with one of our golf specialists about all the Myrtle Beach golf news. We are here to answer any questions that you may have.