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Want as much information as you can get about Myrtle Beach golf? Can’t wait till you are here in the Grand Strand for your next Myrtle Beach golf package? One of the ways that you can stay informed about all things golf and Myrtle Beach is to check out the Myrtle Beach golf newsletter. In a Myrtle Beach golf newsletter, you will find all kinds of helpful golf and Myrtle Beach information. Typically, a Myrtle Beach golf newsletter will contain useful information about the local courses – like a maintenance schedule, if they are shutting down any holes for re-design or weather, and will also let you know of any specials or perhaps tournaments that are coming up. A Myrtle Beach golf newsletter will also give you an interesting article about maybe a local golf pro, a local tournament, or even what is happening at the local golf shops. Perfect for keeping you up to date when you are not in town or to check out before your Myrtle Beach golf package.

Myrtle Beach Golf Authority has an electronic Myrtle Beach golf newsletter that we send out each month to the golfers interested in finding out what is happening in the Myrtle Beach golf scene year-round. We will usually feature a course or two in our Myrtle Beach golf newsletter and a couple of accommodations that are perfect for Myrtle Beach golf packages. Along with information on the courses and accommodations, you will find helpful articles about locals and perhaps a profile on one of the local pros. We like to keep our golfers informed of happenings along the Grand Strand! Of course, our Myrtle Beach golf experts will be able to answer any of your questions that you may have about Myrtle Beach golf courses and accommodations or even give you recommendations on a night out – they are just a phone call away.

Suppose our Myrtle Beach golf newsletter isn’t enough Myrtle Beach golf information. In that case, we also recommend the Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday newsletter, which they offer online and can be sent to your email if you sign up. In this Myrtle Beach golf newsletter, you will also receive information about all things Myrtle Beach golf-related and information on courses, conditions, local events, and how to make the most out of your Myrtle Beach golf packages.

Regardless of where you look for a Myrtle Beach golf newsletter, you will find a plethora of information on everything you want to know about Myrtle Beach, golf, and how to have a fantastic Myrtle Beach golf vacation.