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  2. Myrtle Beach Golf Package

Getting confused on how or where to book your golf for your next trip to Myrtle Beach. Due to the internet many companies are jumping on the band wagon to book golf in Myrtle Beach. Many of these 3rd party booking companies, such as Golf Now, Tee Off by the PGA tour, etc. are now receiving rates from courses in Myrtle Beach. These companies are not even located in Myrtle Beach, they have no knowledge of the Myrtle Beach courses and do not have any accommodations to offer. Some that do offer accommodations receive wholesale rates from area hotels which they will book you in, so when you go to check in, the person that you booked with does not even work for them so if any problems, who do you turn to

Myrtle Beach Golf Authority is a division of Elliott Beach Rentals which has been in business in Myrtle Beach for over 55 years, so we know the beach. We have been in the vacation rental business for all those years and manage our own properties, so we are here for you with any issues. Also, we have the accommodations to put your group from 2 bedroom condos to 8 bedroom houses, to 14 bedroom duplexes, we have it all, and you receive a discount on your accommodations if booking a golf package. And because we have been in business for over 55 years we also receive the best possible rates from the courses.

We will work with you, as a group leader, to find the type accommodations you need along with the courses you desire at the best possible price, all in one place. We know how far the courses are from where you are staying and also what courses have the best deals. So you can easily book 3 or 4 or more nights and as many rounds as you desire and it is done all in one place.

Our Golf Director and assistant Golf Director both play golf, so we are familiar with the courses and will be happy to help you with your choices. Many packages offer other incentives such as lunch or gift cards that you will not receive booking directly with the course as these are package incentives.

So to recap – why book a golf package with Myrtle Beach Golf Authority!

  • We have many accommodations to choose from.
  • You save on your accommodations when booking golf with us.
  • You save on golf because we receive the best rates the area courses have to offer.
  • You deal with one person to book everything.
  • You pay all at one place, instead of paying at each course and hotel which makes checking in at the courses much easier and quicker.
  • If any questions or changes that may need to be made at the courses you need only call us and we take care of them all instead of having to contact all courses just to change your number of golfers.
  • Special incentives included in many packages that would not be available by booking directly with courses.