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What is a Myrtle Beach golf par 3 about – precision, feel and ball striking. As many times as you pull out your driver and “grip it and rip it” during a round of golf, on one of these Myrtle Beach golf par 3’s – that’s not the case. That doesn’t mean that a Myrtle Beach golf par 3 hole isn’t memorable, and challenging these four holes below might end up being your favorite holes in Myrtle Beach! No drivers are needed for these holes.

Hole Number 14 at Grande Dunes Resort Club

There are a limited number of Myrtle Beach golf par 3 holes on the Intracoastal Waterway – we are talking under 5. This par 3 runs approximately 220 yards, and you have to deal with a sloping green, right front bunker, and a “grande” amount of marsh grasses around the green. Careful placement of your shot is necessary. Those who land their ball near the pin can find their ball rolling off the green and into the waterway! It’s hard to imagine any other Myrtle Beach golf par 3 holes having the view and pop that this particular one does.

Hole Number 11 at True Blue Plantation

Everybody loves the appearance of an island green – the green meeting up with the blue captures your eye. The taupe and green together are equally as eye-catching. But what about the island green surrounded by sand instead of water? On the back nine of True Blue Plantation golf course is a par 3 surrounded by a waste bunker – creating the island green effect. This shorter par 3 (from 120 to 180 yards) has one area behind the green that doesn’t have sand but instead a grassland that is usually unplayable – so avoid this area at all costs!

Hole Number 17 at Pawleys Plantation

Most people think the most impressive Myrtle Beach golf par 3 at Pawleys Plantation is hole number 13. While we like this hole, we believe that hole number 17 is just as remarkable. Just around 200 yards, this Myrtle Beach golf par 3 is not as windy as number 13 due to the trees that line the back of the green – so be careful not to hit your ball long. If you need a place to miss-hit your ball – make it right of the green. This is the only true bail-out spot on this hole. You will meet the marsh and a bunker on the left in the front.

Hole Number 3 at Tidewater

One of the best Myrtle Beach golf par 3 holes will find you early in your round at Tidewater. This hole is the perfect blend of natural and artificial design. You’ve got the Cherry Grove marsh up the left side of the hole, and with it comes the views of the oceanfront accommodations you might be staying at. Around the 3rd hole are three massive bunkers right at the front of the green – once you get on the green, your fun isn’t over as this putting surface has three tiers that will test even the best golfer’s skill.