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Everybody likes to talk about Myrtle Beach golf rankings, but what are you ranking? Greens & fairways, longest and shortest course, and let’s not forget the cost. Let’s look at the Myrtle Beach golf rankings for the most challenging greens along the Grand Strand. These golf courses are where the greens are the real show! Here are the top 4 Myrtle Beach golf ranking courses for the toughest greens. Remember that Myrtle Beach golf rankings are subjective, so this is just one opinion!

#1 for Myrtle Beach golf ranking for greens: Oyster Bay Golf Links

Part of the Legends Golf Group, play Oyster Bay Golf Links, and you will be in for a putting test for the ages. Oyster Bay golf links not only feature some of the Grand Strand’s best marsh scenery but also some of the most challenging and crazy sloping greens. The TifEagle Bermuda greens are kept slightly on the slower side, which is good because they would be pretty much unplayable if they weren’t. There is even a hole at this course with alternate left-and-right greens, so be sure you’re playing to the green with a flag on it - otherwise, that’ll make an impossible two-putt.

#2 for Myrtle Beach golf ranking for greens: The Dunes Golf & Beach Club

You don’t dare miss a round at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club! Because the course is semi-private (meaning that you have to book through a package provider or play with a member), the number of rounds played is lower, unlike some of the other clubs that are strictly public; therefore, the chances of spike marks or pitch marks sabotaging your roll is relatively slim. Keep this in mind and play your approach shots and chip shots below the hole to avoid the long putts for par or worse. The Dunes Club has lightning-fast, A1 bentgrass greens.

#3 for Myrtle Beach golf ranking for greens: Barefoot Resort’s Fazio Course

Putting is fun on Barefoot Resort’s Fazio Course, thanks to smooth and usually exceptionally fast A-1 bentgrass greens. Fazio’s shaping of these greens is gradual, so seemingly little breaks can fool you and be severe, and vice-versa. The hard part is the size of the greens and the fact that Tom Fazio loves to play with the dirt when forming them and thus, keeps them from at least feeling level.

#4 for Myrtle Beach golf ranking for greens: True Blue Golf Plantation

Critics of course designer Mike Strantz say that the greens of his golf courses usually don’t go with the fairways and the rest of the hole. Whether you appreciate the beauty or just don’t get the often bizarre designs of them, you’ll love the imaginative greens at True Blue Golf Plantation. All 18 greens on this Myrtle Beach golf course are different, and whether you are playing in the spring, winter, or fall, the greens are kept firm and fast. Putter beware!