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Every golf trip needs that one memory – that particular hole you can’t get out of your head. Everything about that hole is etched into your memory. With over 100 golf courses along the Grand Strand, several of these courses have created a “signature hole” that will continue to stay with you even after you’ve arrived home from your latest golf vacation. Here we are going to explore not only the Myrtle Beach top 5 golf courses, but we are going to take it one step farther – we are going to give you the Myrtle Beach top golf courses that have built a signature hole that will provide you with that memory to last a lifetime.

No. 14, Grande Dunes Resort Course: The 14th hole at this Myrtle Beach top 5 golf course runs along the Intracoastal Waterway. From this hole, you can watch the sailboats pass you by. While This Myrtle Beach top 5 golf course is not the only one to have holes that run down the waterway, the 14th hole at Grande Dunes Resort Course is probably one of them, if not the most distinctive. Your tee shot, which can be up to 240 yards long depending on the tees you are playing from, is daunting over the waterway shot. One place you don’t want to be is left – you could be trying to hit the green from a boat!

No. 6, King’s North at Myrtle Beach National: A well-known signature hole for one of the top 5 Myrtle Beach golf courses is No. 6 at King’s North which golfers call “The Gambler.” This is due to the risk/reward shot to an island fairway that makes the hole 100 yards more than if it was played traditionally with a dog leg left around the water. The small green makes sticking the ball on the green tricky, but if played correctly will make your entire round. This Myrtle Beach top 5 golf course has another signature hole favorite among photographers. It is shaped to form an S & C for South Carolina.

No. 18, Caledonia Golf & Fish Club: The Finishing hole at this Myrtle Beach top 5 golf course is known as the “19th Hole”. What makes this hole signature is the entertainment provided as you finish your round. You become a player on a stage: golfers gather on the porch to watch the approach shots, which must carry the water. Many balls end up in the drink; call it nerves. You can hear the cheers from the back porch all afternoon long as the groups make their way to the finishing hole.

No. 13, Pawleys Plantation: This top 5 Myrtle Beach golf course is built in the marsh. Both of the par 3s on the back nine have shots that need to carry the marsh, but hole 13 with the small island green will test all your skills. If you are lucky enough to play this hole at low tide, you may be tempted to grab the large amounts of balls that you see that never made it to the green. We would not recommend this, though, and the alligators are abundant on this Myrtle Beach top 5 golf course.