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  2. North Myrtle Beach Golf Stores

Anything can happen when you come to the Grand Strand for your Myrtle Beach golf package. You need to know where the North Myrtle Beach golf stores are in the area to deal with anything that gets thrown your way. Broken club, ripped or stained shirt, even needing a new grip on your putter – all these things can be taken care of with a trip to one of the local North Myrtle Beach golf stores.

There are several North Myrtle Beach golf stores in the area. The largest and most well-known golf store is the PGA Superstore (previously Martin’s Golf and Tennis Superstore), located just off Hwy 17 in North Myrtle Beach. For those golfers who have participated in Myrtle Beach golf packages in the past, the name Martins might ring a bell. This is the largest store, entirely dedicated to golf – with just a little section for tennis in the back. The selection at this mega store is excellent – with everything from clothing to clubs, simulators, and fitting club bays. Need a new hat? Forget your golf shoes? Or perhaps the unthinkable happened during one of your rounds at a Myrtle Beach golf course, and you snapped the head off your driver. Not to worry – this North Myrtle Beach golf store has you covered. Stop by and pick up a new driver, hat, glove, balls, tees, pair of shoes, or even the latest set of irons.

A few North Myrtle Beach golf stores are not as well known, but a place that you want to visit to look for the specialty items, or maybe check out their used bin to see what you can find. The Old Golf Store – also located off Hwy 17, just a bit further south, but still in North Myrtle Beach is a smaller store (about 1200 sq ft). Still, it will carry many unusual clubs that you won’t find at the bigger store like PGA Superstore. Many golfers will enjoy just looking around this shop and checking out what is in the used bin. They will carry clubs that are more difficult to find and perhaps unheard of. We encourage you to stop by this North Myrtle Beach golf store and see what they have to offer – you never know what you’ll find – your next putter might be in the used section.

Of course, you will also find national chains like Dick’s Sporting Goods among the list of North Myrtle Beach golf stores. While this store is not just about golf, they have a rather large golf section with a pretty good selection of items to purchase. Clothing, hats, balls, tees, and clubs can all be found here, along with a repair center can help you modify your clubs or customize a new club that you buy while in town.

Regardless of which North Myrtle Beach golf store you choose to go to, there is something for everyone while shopping for golf items during your Myrtle Beach golf package.